3-D Imaging Experiments


This image was generated from terrain data that was extracted from photographs and video images taken of the area surrounding the lunar crater Gassendi. Data was collected for the area within the yellow block. The three dimensional representation was generated using the 3DEM software package by R. S. Horne which is available at:


Note that the terrain elevations and profiles were estimated primarily from shadow length measurements. They are not exact and are intended only to show approximate terrain profiles.

Another digital terrain image looking into the crater Gassendi from the southwest. Terrain elevations have been exaggerated in order to emphasize the shape of the landscape. This image was generated using 3DEM.
Another view of Gassendi from the southwest near ground level generated from the same digital terrain data. This image was created using a software package called "Terragen." This program is truly amazing and has some marvelous capabilities. I look forward to trying some additional experiments with it. The author of the software, M.P.Fairclough, maintains a web site at the URL below. Terragen is an outstanding piece of work. I highly recommend it.


The process for creating this image consisted of first importing digital terrain data into 3DEM and then saving the data in Terragen format. The Terragen format file was then read into Terragen and the camera angle, lighting options and sky conditions selected. Terrain elevations have been exaggerated for effect.


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