Arzachel / Alphonsus / Ptolemaeus

Single frame captured from video. A Panasonic VHS Palmcorder color video camera was mounted on a 26 mm eyepiece. The video signal was sent directly to a computer and captured in a sequence of files. Highlight areas in this image were darkened 10% and midtone areas lightened 17%. The image was despeckled and a moderate sharpening was applied. Small dark regions around the interior of the crater Alphonsus can be seen. These regions were photographed by the Ranger 9 spacecraft in 1965 just before it crash landed on the Moon.
Annotated version of the above image.
Another image of the same general area generated from a composite of 58 video frames.
Another image of the Alphonsus area taken under higher angle lighting conditions during a waxing gibbous moon phase. The image shows the dark areas around the rim of Alphonsus. They are thought to be volcanic deposits. The image was captured in April 1999 using a video CCD module with a 26 mm eyepiece in projection mode.