The Atlas / EQ6 Telescope Mount

Tune-up the Gearing of the Atlas / EQ6

Many users have noticed problems with the mount in cold weather (particularly models that are a few years old). This problem can be resolved by removing the original grease from the work gears and replacing it with a grease that tolerates low termperatures better. I did this with my mount and it very much improved cold and warm weather performance. The links below have information that was very helpful to me regarding the procedures to follow:

A case for the mount head

A scrapbooking case (kindly donated by my scrapbooking wife) makes a great case for the Atlas / EQ6 head. The case is nicely padded, just the right size and has wheels and a retractable handle for easy transport. This case is from a product line called "Crop in Style." These products can be found at this link: .

Cases like this are available at scrapbooking specialty stores and at arts and craft stores that sell scrapbooking supplies.

The case has room for the head, speader plate and other EQ6 accessories.

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