Image captured using a Panasonic Palmcorder coupled to a 26 mm eyepiece.







A closer view captured during a slightly later lunar phase using a CCD module in eyepiece projection mode placed approximately 2 inches from a 26mm Plossl eyepiece coupled to a 3x Barlow. This image was captured on August 3, 1998. The atmosphere was quite clear, but this image was captured at the limit of magnification of the current 10" scope and video system. The image was moderately contrast-enhanced and slightly sharpened. Note that the black spots on the image are dust particles in the optical system.




A composite of 5 separate images of the Copernicus area. The images were horizontally combined to create a composite. Each image was made of a separate section of terrain. The resulting set of images was aligned and combined to form one image. The composite was contrast enhanced and slightly sharpened. The brightness of individual images was modified in order to achieve a more uniform tone across the composite. Image captured October 31, 1998 using a 26 mm eyepiece coupled to a Panasonic Palmcorder.




Another image of Copernicus captured September 30, 1998 using a CCD camera module in eyepiece projection mode with a 26 mm eyepiece. The image was contrast enhanced and slightly sharpened. Thanks to Erin for assisting with this picture.









Yet another image of Copernicus captured from video using a 26 mm eyepiece on April 25, 1999. Moderate sharpening was applied. North is up in the image.







An electronic enlargement of the above with minor contrast adjustment.








You just can't have too many pictures of Copernicus, so here is one more that was captured on August 21, 1999 using the same technique as the previous image.