Messier 1- (The Crab Nebula) Region

The area around the Crab Nebula in Taurus.

The Crab Nebula (Messier 1, M1 or NGC 1952) is a supernova remnant in the constellation Taurus. The nebula appears in the lower left of the image to the left.

The supernova that gave rise to the crab nebula was observed by Chinese astronomers on July 4, 1054 A.D. and possibly by Anasazi Indian artists who were living in present-day Arizona and New Mexico. When the supernova occurred, it is believed to have been about four times brighter than Venus. According to the Chinese records, it ws visible during daytime for 23 days and for 653 days in the night sky.

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This image is a 30 minute exposure through a 10-inch Newtonian telescope on Fuji Provia 400 color slide film.

An enlargement of the above image.


A further enlargement of the above.
A scan from another image captured on ISO 800 Fuji negative film.

A wide-field image of the Crab Nebula and surrounding region