Messier 11 - The Wild Duck Cluster
A wide field image of the area surrounding Messier 11, also known as the Wild Duck Cluster - an open star cluster in the COnstellation Scutum.  At approximately 5500 light-years from Earth, this cluster is believed to be relatively young - estimated to be in the range of 220 million to 500 million years, with a recent calculation indicating about 250 million years.  In closer images, the cluster has appeared to some to resemble a flock of wild ducks. Not all observers see the resemblance.

More information on the Wild Duck Cluster can be found at:

A map shwoing the location of the Wild Duck Cluster can be found here.

Image Details
Medium: Fuji ISO 400 Sensia slide film
Telescope: 80mm (400 mm focal length)
Exposure: 40 minutes

A closer view from a 20 minute exposure using the same configuration as above. Can you see the Wild Duck formation?
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