M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy

The area around Messier 33 (M33), a galaxy in the constellation Triangulum.

M33 is a spiral galaxy that is smaller than our Milky Way galaxy. The width has been measured to be 50,000 to 60,000 light-years wide. It lies approximately 3 million light-years away according to the Hipparcos satellite survey.

Under very good sky conditions, M33 can by spotted by the naked eye as a fuzzy patch in Triangulum. It makes a nice visual target in good binoculars or a telescope at low magnification.

More information on M33 is available at:

This image is an approximately 25 minute exposure through an 80 mm refractor telescope (800 mm focal length) on Fuji Provia 400 color slide film.

A map showing the coverage of the above image superimposed upon a segment from Sky Atlas 2000.0, by Wil Tirion and Roger W. Sinnott (which I highly recommend as a very good star atlas).

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