Photographic image captured by Dan Salkovitz using a Celestron C-8 with an 8-inch solar filter.
Same image as above except that contrast has been enhanced to bring out detail. Note that some image artifacts are also enhanced by this process.
Sunspots captured in October 1998 from the coast of North Carolina. Dan's C-8 was used with a Pocono Mountain Optics solar filter and 35mm ISO 400 black and white film at prime focus.
An electronic enlargement of the prime focus image above (October 1998).
Another image of the sunspots captured in October 1998 using a 25mm eyepiece in projection mode.
An electronic enlargement of the above eyepiece projection image.
Composite of a full disk image along with contrast-enhanced segments containing visible sunspots (October 1998).
A sunspot cluster photographed on Fuji 1600 color film through an Orion Short Tube 80 refractor using an Orion solar filter. A Televue 3x Barlow was used to increase the magnification. The exposure time was approximately 1/125th of a second. The photo was taken from the Outer Banks of North Carolina on October 11, 1999.
An enlargement of the sunspot cluster above with 30% contrast enhancement and 30% reduction in brightness.
Image photographed on Fuji 1600 film at 1/500th second in early November 1999. A 35mm camera was coupled to an Orion Short Tube 80 telescope with an Orion solar filter attached. Normally, less sensitive film would have been used, but 1600 speed film was in the camera and ready to be used. This image was scanned from a print and was contrast enhanced by 25%.
Image photographed on 35mm T-Max 400 through an 80 mm refractor, scanned from the negative and contrast enhanced.





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