Welcome to the
Virginia Association of Astronomical Societies

2012 Conference Website!

This year's conference is being hosted by the Richmond Astronomical Society. We've got a great program planned including top-notch speakers at a great centrally located venue with dark skies for observing. So put Saturday, September 15 on your calendar and plan to join us for a great day (and night) of astronomy! And spread the word to your friends!

  • Door Prizes!
  • Swap Tables! Bring your used astro gear to sell or trade!
  • Solar Observing!
  • Astro club leaders, please bring your club displays to share ideas with other clubs!
  • Camping* and two meals included in registration!
  • Save $5 by using early registration!

Door Prize List (so far)

  • Green laser pointer - OPT (Oceanside Photo and Telescope)
  • Complimentary subscription - Astronomy Magazine
  • Pocket Sky Atlas - Sky and Telescope
  • Sky Atlas 2000.0 Deluxe - Sky and Telescope
  • Complimentary memberships (2) - Astronomical Society of the Pacific
  • Misc. Astronomical Accessories - Orion Telescopes and Binoculars

*Attendees at VAAS may camp (small tents) on the grounds of the Cub Scout Camp (around the Lodge where we'll be observing) at no extra charge. There is also a bunkhouse (called the Fort) within walking distance of the Lodge that has beds (6 beds per room) that can be rented for an additional $15.00 per bed - per night. You would need to bring all your own supplies. Let Betty Wilson [ blpwilson(AT)aol.com ] know if you would like to sleep in the Fort so she can reserve a spot for you.

Check back to this web site for updates as we get closer to the conference.